Friday, March 26, 2010

Count Your Many Blessings

Today seems like a good day for counting my blessings, before I get too far down the road that leads to "I don't have anything good in my life," which starts with "why do they have/get/deserve that/those and I don't?" So here goes:

1. This guy here always makes the top of my list:
2. Then there is this girl:
3. And her:
4. Can't forget this guy:
5. And my other favorite Jonathan:
6. There are these two, who I love and always have fun with:
7. My husband is currently employed:
8. Next week Jon and I are going to see this for our 30th birthdays:

9. We just got season passes to here:
10. And in April, my dad is taking my sister, niece, and I here:

Ok, I am feeling better now. And those 10 are just a handful of all the blessings I have in my life right now. What are your top ten today?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pretty Irish Girl

Mora na maidine dhuit, or top o' the mornin' to you! Today is St. Patrick's Day, which is definitely in the running for being one of my favorite holidays. I am part Irish, so it is obviously already a prerequisite to love the day. I am all about wearing green and I love shamrocks. I plan one year to carry a bag full of St. Patrick's Day buttons or green ribbons or something to hand out to all those people who aren't wearing green. Ireland is on my list of places to go in my life. My husband has also been forewarned that if I ever come across a cute Irish guy who is interested in me, all bets are off, because I can't resist that accent!

In addition to all these reasons to love St. Patrick's Day, there was something else...what was it? Oh, that's right - it is also my birthday! This particular year I happen to be turning 30, which I am actually pretty happy about. It feels good to be entering a whole new decade of life, and to know that there will never be a 2 in front of my age again. In celebration, this morning I met my dad for breakfast, dressed wearin' my green, of course (in my family, it is a punishable crime to not wear green on St. Patty's Day, and I enforce that rule!) I gorged myself on a strawberry Belgian waffle and hot chocolate (it's a good thing calories don't count on your birthday!) This evening there are some plans in the works that I am not privy to, and I love surprises so I am excited for that. My kids sang to me this morning, and my husband had also made a video of them singing. Here is a link, since for some reason I can't get it to post here:

Well, I hope that you all are enjoying the day, and wearing your green, and that luck is smiling on you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

I keep losing my way back to the world of blogging. I think about it from time to time, and know that I should update, but I just don't get around to it. I click on here everyday to check out what the rest of you have blogged about, and have been known to become somewhat indignant when you go without posting for a while, but apparently the hypocrisy of that is lost on me. I have decided not to do any updating this time - I get tired of catching up when I am this far behind. So I will begin anew once again, and try to keep it up to date. I can hear your scoffs of disbelief through the computer...

So let's begin with the fact that I love St. Patrick's Day (in case you couldn't tell by the new background.) I actually think I may have to keep this one up for a while. You see, my birthday just happens to be on that wonderful day, as was my Grammie Battles' (great-grandmother on my mom's side - I have her nose, the one feature I wouldn't change about myself if I could,) plus I am Irish, so I pretty much have to love the holiday. Every year I go shopping to find a good green shirt to wear, which is not always a successful endeavor as there are MANY unattractive shades of green in the world. This year I found a really great one that I can't wait to wear. I was recently asked what my signature color is, to which I had no response as I am neither 50 or Southern, but I have since decided that I think it will be green. Pretty shades of green that is. As such, I have been hunting around for some good green jewelry as of late, but have been largely unsuccessful. I will keep looking.

This feels a bit rambly, so I will end it now. I will try to return soon...