Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hippity hoppity...

Yes, I know that Easter isn't really "on its way" as the song goes, in fact it is long gone. It's a catchy title anyway. Easter was pretty typical this year - there were eggs and dye and hunting. The hunting actually began the day before Easter when I went out to find a few plastic eggs for the kids, and couldn't find any in 5 different stores. Was there some sort of plastic egg shortage this year? A terrible plastics factory meltdown? Some evil genious hoarding the plastic eggs to ruin Easter for children everywhere? And I know there are some of you sitting there, reading this in judgement, saying to yourselves or the person next to you "What kind of mother goes shopping for her Easter things the day before Easter? She deserved to have no plastic eggs left for her children." Perhaps it was YOU who went out and bought them all, just to punish those of us who aren't quite as organized as you are. The same people who already have their children's Halloween costumes made and waiting, and their Christmas presents purchased and wrapped. OVERACHIEVERS!!! But I digress...

In the end, we found a bag of tiny plastic Easter eggs from 1984 in a closet in the house here, and even if they smelled musky, they worked. Hey, real eggs don't smell good, why should plastic eggs?

First thing when we got outside, Jonathan finds his ball. Not an Easter present, mind you, but a ball that he has had for a couple of weeks now. Doesn't matter - he was excited to see it and in the basket it went. The result was that there was no room for eggs, and we couldn't talk him into taking the ball out, and so he was left wondering where to put the eggs he was finding. This one went in his pocket.

Once he realized he couldn't fit all the eggs in his pockets, he started taking out the ball each time he found an egg, putting the egg in, and then replacing the ball. It was a long egg hunt.

This was as close to everyone else as Jonathan would get without Daddy holding him - and as you can see he still has a death grip on his hand! At least he is smiling though, in the rest of them he was crying - he was in dire need of food and a nap.

We spent the afternoon at my dad's house in Alta, where we had our own private photo shoot.

Jonathan and Pa

Walk of Life

I had planned to actually catch up on my blogging, to post all the pictures and share the little anecdotes with you all that have happened in the first four months of this year. The best laid plans of mice and otherwords, it isn't going to work out. Mainly because I have forgotten whatever witty repartee I had to share. So here is the deal - I am just going to post highlights with their pictures and start again from now. (Sounds familiar - I am pretty sure I've pulled this one before.) So here we go with our catch-up on our life:

For Valentine's Day, we had four kids and very little money, so we all went to Target and split up. We each had $5 and a person whom we were supposed to buy something for, and here is what we came up with:

March 17th was my 29th birthday, and I celebrated by going to sushi for lunch with family:

My step-mom Paula and sister Tara

Anna made the Honor Roll with another 4.0 for the second time this year:

And she tackled the 4th grade California Mission project:

Ok, so Easter will now be afforded its own post, and then I am at least within 30 days of the current date. School ends this week, so I promise to try and post things as they happen, rather than in flashback-form. It is a great tool in books and movies, but not so much in blogging.