Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

Jonathan is not really a baby anymore - last Friday (February 13th) we celebrated his 2nd birthday. I can't believe that he is getting so big so fast! I guess I should say old rather than big, since, let's be honest, he has always been so big. At any rate, Friday we had a party for him (with an Elmo them since Jonathan loves Elmo.) Due to the snow trapping my side of the family, the guest list was decreased; attending were Jamie and her three kids, Jon's mom, Jake and his friend Brenda, and our friends Josh and Jen with their little son Will (who is almost 2 himself.) We had hotdogs and Bratwursts (Jon had to grill under the garage door due to the rain) with chili, veggies & chips and dip and salads. I handed out party horns to the kids and immediately regretted it, but the had a blast (no pun intended.) Then came the piece de resistance, the Elmo cupcakes. I made them using a star tip to do the frosting, marshamallows with black gel for eyes, an orange peanut m&m for a nose, and a half an oreo for the mouth. It was funny to watch the kids eat them - they all went at them differently. Jonathan ate the face off of his, but then wouldn't eat the actual cupcake until we gave him a fork and showed him that it was cake. Then Jonathan opened presents and that was pretty much it.  

That many Elmos is just scary!

Deconstructed Elmo

My Jonathans