Saturday, November 22, 2008

Together at Last at Twilight Time

While I was not among the first to see it, or even the first 10,000, I did make it to see Twilight on Saturday - a day and a half after it opened and, honestly, much more quickly than I usually make it to the theater to see a movie.  Vanessa, Sahara and I attended the 12:45 pm showing at the theater in Auburn (yay matinee price.)  I thought that I would share my thoughts, feelings, and impressions about the movie, but without giving too many details away for those who haven't seen it yet.

Let me start by saying that overall I liked the movie just fine - I won't be rushing back to the theater again to see it, but it was entertaining and the actors were good.  I really loved the book, and knew going into the movie that it wasn't going to be as good - I have yet to see a movie that I really think is as good as the book (although the Lord of the Rings movies were pretty good.)  I tried to keep my expectations low going into the theater so that I could enjoy the movie for what it was and not be disappointed.  But I was still excited to see some of those great scenes from the book translated to film.  Sadly, I think this is an area where the movie really failed - three of the key, most pivotal scenes from the book where cut up, pared down, and really just left at bare bones.  It was a let down to me to see that.

Something else that I felt could have been done better was the character development.  The main characters all fell kind of flat - with the exception of Charlie, who was actually very well depicted and developed.  It seemed like Bella was only a sketch of the character that Stephenie Meyer created, and her relationship with Edward seemed hurried and kind of cheesy because they cut out most of the parts where the two of them are talking and developing (there is that word again) their bond.  All of a sudden they were at "I love you," and I have to think that anyone watching who hadn't read the book would feel like they had whiplash from the sudden change in emotion.  

I think that the major complaint I have that encompasses the whole movie is that there wasn't enough of the good dialogue that Stephenie Meyer wrote in the book.  What I don't understand (and it goes for all my complaints here) is that when you (meaning the screenwriter) already have so much of the work done for you, in the form of character development, stages scenes, and great dialogue, why wouldn't you use more of that?  I know that there is no way to include everything from the book, but some of the most important things were definitely missing.  

So now that it sounds like I am totally harping on the movie, I want to say again that I did like it. There was some good humor in it, and it was fun to see some of the places that had been living in my imagination put into reality.  I wasn't sure how I would feel about Robert Pattinson playing Edward, but I thought he did a very good job.  The acting wasn't so much the problem (at least not with the key characters - Jessica et al are another story, but I won't go into that.)  It really was just that things fell kind of flat and incomplete.  I hope that New Moon fills out a little since it will probably have a bigger budget than this one.  I am glad I went though, and am happy there is another little piece of the Twilight universe out there.

Monday, November 17, 2008

These Boots are Made for Walkin'

Anna and Hailey went to spend the night with Pa (my dad) last week and each came home with a new pair of boots.  When asked what spurred the expedition to the mall for new shoes, Anna replied "I'm not sure how we got on the subject, but I said something about wanting a pair of boots."  Maybe I should say something to Pa about wanting a pair of boots...Somehow I don't think that it will have the same effect!

The presence of boots created so many dilemmas - do we roll the tops up or down?  What should we wear them with?  Should I play soccer in them or not?

We Are Family

Every year on November 11 the Joyner family celebrates a "family birthday" - the anniversary of my in-laws' marriage.  This year, those of us who live in California went out to dinner at Red Robin.  Enjoy these snapshots of our crazy family...

Brooklyn and Hailey - not sure why Hailey is making that face...

Aidan and Adam

Anna and Abbi

Sydney and Jamie - I think Jamie is the only one who took a decent picture this night

Jake and Jonathan - "oh Uncle Jake, I can't believe you!"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dr. Dr., Give Me The News

While I do not have a bad case of loving you, I am coming down with whatever is going around right now.  But I will not go quietly into that dark night, oh no.  I will fight it off until I am too weak to do so anymore.  Why is it that when your husband is sick, he stays home from work, lays in bed and wants you to bring him juice and soup while also keeping the kids quiet, but when you are sick he goes off to school or work or whatever, leaving you to take care of the kids and the house without so much as a backward glance or even a sip of orange juice to be had?  So it was that this evening I found myself dragging four children through the grocery store during the after-work rush hour, in search of a bottle of the good stuff to get me through the night.  Then we made the soujourn home in time for me to cook dinner for the crowd between running to the bathroom to blow my nose and doing laundry so that there are clothes to wear tomorrow.  Children fed, here I am, laying on my bed taking shots of the acquired o.j., waiting until bedtime when I can down some Nyquil and blissfully pass out until tomorrow.      

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monster Mash

A few weeks late, as per usual, I am finally posting our Halloween pictures.  Tired of the princess scene, this year Jon and I mandated that the entire family was going to go with a theme, and the theme was the 50's.  I made poodle skirts for the girls and myself and the boys all went as greasers (or "weesehs" as Adam kept saying - no g's or r's for that boy.)  Adam wasn't thrilled with the idea - he asked for a hero, or even a bad guy - anything but a guy who only wears jeans and a white t-shirt.  But the image of the two little boys with the rolled-up jeans and the curl of hair in the middle of their forehead was too cute for me to resist.    

The kids' pumpkins - Anna's is the cat.

The morning of Halloween, I made the kids Jack-O'-Lantern pancakes and we put together some Halloween necklaces (all before school - amazing!)

Be True To Your School

Take bad food, awkward conversations, and a bunch of increasingly-drunken people and what do you have?  A high school reunion.  Or at least my high school reunion.  Okay, so those are the cynical bulletpoints of the night.  Overall, it really wasn't too bad, although I would have opted for a venue where you could actually be heard by the people you were talking to without shouting over the music.  Only about a third of our graduating class showed up, but even from that small number I was surprised to see people that I had forgotten about and people who I couldn't remember ever having seen, let alone spent four years with.  It was not my idea to go to the event, but a couple of my really good girlfriends were coming into town for it (we are all spread out over the state and the world, so we don't see each other very often) and so I took the opportunity to spend time with them.  I also dragged Jon along with me (against his will) as a flesh-and-blood representation of my life for the last ten years, and was completely gratified when one of my former classmates asked "Who is that hot guy over there?" Oh, him?  Yeah, that's my husband.  Overall, I was happy I went, and am now good for at least another ten years before I see most of those people again. 
Lori, Heather and me

Lori's husband Mike and Jon pretending to have a good time

me, Lori and Patricia (the original Colfax girls)

And oh yes, my hot husband (showing his true feelings of the night)