Monday, January 28, 2013

Abandonment Issues

Moving never comes without its difficulties. I know this, and yet I find myself struggling and wallowing just the same. It isn't that I'm not happy to have moved, or that I wish I were still back in Northern California. Not at all. Southern California is beautiful, and the people are nice, and we are back with Jon, which is worth any growing pains we might experience. And yet...

I just feel so isolated. So friendless. Those people who were my close friends back home have been, well, absent. I've tried emailing, and texting. I've tried reaching out. But they are not very responsive. Is it something I have done? Or just the fact that I've moved away? I knew things wouldn't be the same, but I did think we could still be in contact and talk. Is it possible to feel abandoned when you are the one who moved away? Some days I just need a friend to talk to, someone who knows me. And I want to hear about how their lives are going, and what is happening for them. But things are quiet, and I feel very alone. Even in a place where there are so many people.

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Steph said...

Oh no, this makes me sad! :( I know how you feel being away from everyone and feeling abandoned. That's how I felt when we lived in Utah. And we didn't even have FB then... I'm always here if you want to talk :)