Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am seriously working on finding happiness in my life as it is now. It is kind of a battle for me, but I have really been thinking lately about how we are really responsible for our own happiness. The world isn't going to make sure we are happy, and often times things aren't just going to happen for us that ensure happiness. It is up to  me to find joy in my everyday life. For me, this means digging deeper than the basic things that make me happy, like a cup of good hot chocolate, a good movie, etc. Because those things aren't lasting. If I am not happy with myself at the core, it is a lot harder to be joyful on the outside. I am working on finding things about myself that I love, and on putting out a more positive attitude about the world around me as well. Changing isn't easy, and it isn't quick, but it is sometimes necessary. Wish me luck.

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Steph said...

good luck! it's always good to re-evaluate what makes you happy :)